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Dance Club and Live Music, San Francisco

The Zen Compound Vision

In 2004, Paul Hemming was tired of the traditionally wasteful nature of the hospitality industry. Owner and founder of the Zen Compound, Paul set his sights on creating the Greenest nightclub in the world.

The result: Hemming created the foundation for a living, breathing hub for education, culture and creative recreation that strictly adheres to the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profit. Housed inside the Zen Compound lies Temple Nightclub, which is a Green nightclub and Ki Sushi, which is a sustainable sushi and Izakaya bar.


Paul Hemming brings a vision to the Zen Compound that focuses on revolutionizing the nightclub and hospitality industry by “Greening” them—entities that were not related concepts in the past. The Zen Compound is an entertainment complex, with its finger on society's pulse, and designed to go well beyond a traditional nightclub and world-class restaurant. More than a place for people to unwind and stimulate their senses, the Zen Compound is a hub of creative spirituality – exactly as the name suggests. Visitors to the Compound create and perform art, music and dance while they are enriching their Western experience with an Eastern education. The Zen Compound merges modern design with antiquities dating back to the 11th Century and ancient philosophy with cutting-edge technology. In addition, it houses a culinary, visual and audio spectacle while cultivating the first pioneering program for nightclub sustainability in the United States.

San Francisco’s leading Dance Club for Electronic Dance Music

In this community space, the Zen Compound invests in technologies and business practices to drive the point home that this industry can be healthy and have a positive impact on the environment. Beyond keeping the compound itself as Green as possible, it strives to be a center for Green education, spirituality and sustainability – to educate the masses and adopt the concept in the entire hospitality industry. 



Party Space Rental in San Francisco

Not only is the Zen Compound a dance club hosting the best live dance music in San Francisco, but our unique space can also be reserved for private and corporate events. 

The Zen Compound is a very progressive small business continually investigating ways in which it can be as sustainable as possible while spreading that knowledge to our competitors.  We have had the benefit of being a part of a community of businesses (the BC3) sharing best practices and resources in a model that can be followed in different business clusters around the world.  

Current Projects:


Temple Music Group- A record label comprised of Temple resident djs and producers.

Zen City Records- Vinyl record store

ZCFM- Zen Compound FM, San Francisco's new internet radio station

Temple TV- Our in-house video production team. 

Urban Montage Gallery- a gallery that exhibits artists that are constantly trying to push the boundaries and transcend beyond the traditional interpretations of contemporary art.

Urban Rooftop Garden- Rooftop vegetable gardens that sustain our restaurant, Ki.

Energy Generating Dancefloor- Dancefloor that harnesses energy from dancing

Zenter- Holistic Healing Center